10 Reasons To Have An Intimate Wedding

10 Reasons To Have An Intimate Wedding

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1.Celebrate your day with your loved ones! 
The best part of intimate weddings is the crowd control. You only have around you, on your biggest day, those you genuinely want and their full attention!

2.Keep the food wastage on check!

Vast spreads are pleasing  visually and tastefully but for the wastage behind scenes. A small wedding gives the solution of attention to detail and lets you devour your plates guilt free.

3. Save your hardwork! 
Splurge or no-splurge, use your earnings dutifully. Economise and save up to gift happiness to your favourites or to yourself, dodging all the unnecessary expenses that could come your way. 

4. Plan your dream honeymoon!
Always knew where you wanted to go for your honeymoon? Now you've all that saved up money to channel in that direction! 

5. Invest in your future!
Your wedding is a big deal and the life ahead even more so! Not to miss out, you're always going to need to save up for some retail therapy too! 

6. Ditch the heavy lehengas!
Dress up, but dress comfortable! Now's your chance to wear light and breezy clothes, without a care in the world of comfort!

7. Less stress, more fun!
Leave behind all the anxiety and paranoia that comes packaged with weddings. Having a few to dance with, You really dont have to worry about leaving anyone out. What's more fun than everyone being involved?


8. Time to bond! 
With every one in your close circle around and everyone without a worry in mind, what better time is there to bond? Laugh, sing, have fun and get married in your best spirits!

9.  Take the ethical way to decorate! 
Organic decorations are growing big, do your research and give back to the world that gave you this chance! Or DIY with your cousins to slip in an extra bonding time.


10. Bonus!
Guess what? You have successfully escaped having to ask your fiance who someone is for the 100th time!