Ultimate guide to dress an Apple body shape!

Ultimate guide to dress an Apple body shape!

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Some clothes just fit you better and make you never want to take them off! Finding clothes that flatter your figure makes shopping so much easier. Here is our trusted guide to dressing an apple shape figure.

What is an apple shape?

  • You have a fuller middle.
  • Your legs and arms are most likely to be thin and long.
  • The waistline is rather undefined.

Firstly, make sure you are an Apple shape! Grab your measuring tapes and deconstruct your body shape and also check out our guides for the other shapes you are likely to be: Pear, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle and Hourglass.

Styles that will make you stun

We recommend going for lighter colours and styles that elongate your upper body making it a lot more proportionate to the rest of your figure.

  1. Light colours

Light colours, whites and pastels from our collection are the go-to for you! As Apple body shapes tend to be top heavy where in the upper body is heavier than the lower body, these hues will do just the trick in camouflaging that!

  1. Vertical Lines

Vertical lines elongate any figure. The lines give a direction of movement to the design and draw the eye upward.  It creates the illusion of added height and slimness and is an age-old practice which is sure to become your new favourite!

  1. A-Line

A-line cuts while tapered at the top, accentuate your shoulders and widen from them diverting attention from the fuller mid-section. This helps strike a balance in your overall figure.

  1. Cropped Pants

Cropped pants give your slender legs all the attention they deserve by directing the focus to the lower body. By adding some details to the cropped hem, you are sure to find a winning style that works perfectly for you!

While our guides exist to help you look your best self and love your body a lot more , the aim isn’t to limit yourself to particular styles or cuts, go right ahead and mix and match till you find what makes you happy! Reach out to our experts at any time to help you find the outfits that suit your needs.