Valentine’s Horoscopes for your love life and wardrobe!

Valentine’s Horoscopes for your love life and wardrobe!

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Love is in the air! Feel good and look good to attract everything you desire this month! Go the extra mile and match your sun sign to your shopping cart!


Re-invent the subtle classics this Valentine’s day and go for something basic and minimal, just like the Scarlet Kurta in delicate mustard, finely embroidered with florals.


Step outside your comfort zone and add a dash of excitement to your avatar. The bold embroidered bell sleeves of the Bellflower is the perfect amount of sass you need this week!


Creativity is filling your love life this week so get sensuous with your choices and opt for a flowy outfit like the Aster, giving you ample space to explore your creative zeal.


Let your defenses down this season but don’t be too hard on yourself, go for comfort and good fittings with the Rosedrop kurta in a deep navy blue, adding a feminine touch to enhance the elegant quotient.


You’re making statements this season! Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident while you turn heads wherever you go! The Cherry-Blossom Kimono is sure to do the trick!


Bring out your feminine charm this week with pretty pastels and go ultra-breezy with the Heather Kurta, adding the right amount of subtlety with its organza lined sleeves.


Huge changes are headed your way Libras so get ready for the new adventures and opt for super comfy and playful outfits like the Coral Bells in quirky mustard.


Be more open to risks while letting out your emotions this week. Add an outfit that gives you the freedom and is versatile like the Primrose kurta, with a stylish A-line hem.


You’re definitely going to new levels this Valentine’s, be it with your commitments or your fashion statements. Choose a color that defines your fierceness like teal, opt for the Rosebud kurta with its bold laces and sleeves.


Celebrate with feminine sophistication this season and go for the classic silhouettes. The Iris will serve your perfectionism to the T.


Slow down this Valentine’s and relax Aquarius! A pretty Willowbrook in the comfort fit you just need will be your ideal steal this week!


Dress in abundance this season while not missing out on your favorite bohemian vibes. The Poppy is the perfect match for a Pisces with its flowy tassles!

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